What Is a Solar Flat Plate Collector?

A typical flat-plate collector is a metal box with a glass or plastic cover (called lightning) and darker absorber plates below. The shoulders of the collector and the bottom are usually insulated to reduce heat.

Working Function of Solar Flat Plate Collector

Flat plate solar collectors are probably the most basic and most studied technology for solar-powered domestic hot water systems. The whole idea behind this technology is pretty simple. The sun warms a dark flat surface, which collects as much energy as possible, then transfers energy to water, gas or other use to other fluid.

The major components of the solar flat plate collector

Black surface – to realize the solar energy of the event
Fascinating cover – transparent membrane transmitting surface to radiation but prevents radiation and convection heat from the surface
Pipes with hot fluid to transfer heat from the collector
A support structure to protect parts and place them in place
Insulation covering the shoulders of the collector and lower parts to reduce heat losses

The collector is insulated using a well-heated high-temperature resistant insulation
Thermal losses from base and collector’s sides. Insulation is a rock mineral wool.
Production resistance up to 650ºC (1200ºF) and resistance to water.


The main use of this technology is in residential buildings, where demand for hot water has a huge impact on energy bills. This usually refers to a large family or a condition where the hot water demand is often due to laundry washing.
Commercial applications include laundromats, car washers, military laundry facilities and eating companies. If the building is off-grid or utility power is often subject to failures, this technology can also be used for space heating. Solar water heating systems are convenient with water heating systems or are equipped with laundry or hot kitchen kitchens that require hot water.

Although solar collectors are very expensive in sunny and temperate areas, they should take into consideration anywhere in the country.

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