What is a solar Evacuated tube system?

A solar hot water system uses sunscreen to warm water. The main components of a solar heated system are water storage tank, gas or electric booster and solar collectors that absorb heat from the sun. The water storage tank can directly be located on the roof of the field, such as collectors or on the conventional hot water system. The solar collectors are on the upper side of the roof as close to as possible. Your installer learns about the proper installation requirements.

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems in fact tubes round, not flat, not a fact, no matter, no matter where they will be effective on the meaning of the sun in the sky. In contrast to a flat plate, collector is effective only for when the sun is directly above the panel. The evacuated tube collectors collect heat everywhere through the annexed glass tubes, each of which has their own thermal absorbable plate. There are loads of different models, but the basic principle is that all models are the same. Typically each tube is like a greenhouse, which traps inside the glass tube to heat sunlight directly into the water or transfer the heat to a special heat transfer fluid water. panel.

Working Function of  Solar Evacuated Tube System

Empty tube absorber membrane receives incoming solar radiation.
Energy for energy absorbing copper heat pipe moves where energy is stored through a fluid.
The fluid boils at about 30 ° C will vaporize and vaporize to the hot bulb at the top.
The heat bulb transfers energy into water, which passes through the manifold.
Steam cooling returns to the base of conduits and back heat hose, where the process is repeated.

Mainly it performs work on four major components

1. Empty Tube

It absorbs solar energy and converts it to heat. The vacuum between the two glass layers is against the heat loss.
Heat Transfer Finn helps heat transfer to heat pipe.
At the end of the tube silicone, rubber hats protect the tube and have UV resistant.
2. Heat pipe

The copper pipe transfers heat from the emptied hose to manifold.
3. Manifold

The insulated box contains a copper header pipe. The header adds to the pumped pumped pipes.
A strong but light aluminum alloy is made to be folded into a strong protector inside. This casing matte black is finished with PVDF coating, which is stabilized for UV long-term color stability.
Glass Wool Insulation is “a cake like a cake”, which forms a complete structural shell around the header tube. This design reduces the amount of metal used in the casing and reduces the emitted CO2 and makes it much easier. An installer is valuable when carrying lightweight covers of the Manifest Box.
4. Mounting frame

Installing in the range of attachment options is easy and simple
Our manifold is stronger than the competitor products with the high tensile anodized aluminum mounting frame and 316 (marine grade) stainless steel fasteners and hardware. New front tracks require only two of the high air load areas.

The Benefits of The Solar Evacuated Tube

A solar hot water system uses sunscreen to warm water.

→Solar thermal collectors convert heat from the sun to the heat.

→The power of hot water heating, home heating.

→Also used for commercial applications.

→Can be used for air conditioning and more options.

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