Lighting for multiple purposes is needed everywhere like in your streets, in your industrial area, while on traveling or at your house and garden. Even though the sun is not shining, it still can use its power for our lighting needs.

A wide range of solar lighting products offered by Solar Thermal Energies will make you independent from the power grid and will allow you to use your lighting products in power cuts or rural areas. Our solar lighting product range includes Home Lighting Systems and Solar Street Lighting.

What Is Solar Powered Home Lighting System?

Solar Powered Home Lighting power systems utilize solar panels to convert the power of the Sun directly into electricity. This power is stored in batteries that can only deliver DC output. All available lighting systems including LED lights,

Benefits Of Solar Powered Home Lighting System

→Solar energy pollution is free.

→does not release any greenhouse gases after installation.

→Reduced dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels Everyday

→Each renewable clean energy and clouds produce energy for a few days.

→Return on investments without payment of utility bills.

Working Of Solar Home Lighting Systems

Throughout the day, even if it is overcast, the radiation from the sun warms our planet and we can harness this energy. Energy from the sun is Using to generate electricity for home appliances.
Solar power is unlimited does not produce harmful emissions and above all from the sun is free.
The process starts when the sun shines on solar PV panels that have been installed on your roof.
photovoltaic  cell refers to the scientific process by which solar energy is converted into electricity. There are a number of silicon cells within each PV panel. These react with photons, Or units of light, from the sun to produce direct current (DC) or electricity.DC electricity then travels to an inverter which converts this energy to electricity known as alternating current or AC that can be used in your home or office AC electricity then travels to the distribution network in your home which help’s in powering your domestic or office appliances that include dad’s lawnmower. When your solar panels produce more electricity than your home or office is using, the extra electricity gets fed back into the national grid you will be benefited financially for all the electricity your solar panels generate.

Evolution And Needs Of Solar Powered Home Lighting System

we can not imagine a home without electronic devices like TV, AC, Washing Machine, Geyser, Oven, Mixer, Grinder, Electric Chimney, Fans, Lights and other some home needs.
Which result in more consumption of electricity by crossing more than 200 units per every month per each and every households building.
Therefore electricity consumption in greater cities like Hyderabad has increased automatically.
The massive increase in demand for electricity, That the demand is more than 3000 megawatts.
More than half of the electricity demand in the city on a daily basis it is possible to produce up to 1730 megawatts of solar electricity by installing solar panels on buildings (homes).


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