What Is a Swimming Pool Heating Systems?

The solar swimming pool heating systems get their heat from the sun and are more useful to consumers in areas where the climate is very pleasant. Environmental friendly solar heating is one of the most important solutions since using free energy from the sun.

Why We Need Swimming Pool Heating Systems

The solar heating is perfect for entertainment pool owners looking for a heating system that has a low operating cost and provides a warm pool when people want to swim. That is, in the summer days. After the initial installation cost, the swimming pool booster pump only (which is highly recommended by the manufacturer). Depending on weather conditions, the solar system provides temperature stability in summer and the variable temperature increases during the spring and early autumn season.


The appropriate installation of the solar pool heating system depends on many factors. These factors include solar resources, atmosphere, local building control requirements, and security issues. Therefore, it is better to change your system to a qualified solar system.
After installation, your system will run smoothly for 10-20 years. Contact your contractor and read your employer’s manual for maintenance purposes. The chemical balance and filter system of the pool is regularly checked and your collection requires less maintenance. Clean water cleaners that are not naturally cleaned by rainwater should be cleaned in dry environments.

Working Function of Swimming Pool Heating Systems

Solar heaters use solar panels to transfer heat from your sun to your swimming pool. The solar panels sit in the sun and they receive and collect the heat. Then, the swimming pool has a pump circulatory system and pumps water through solar panels. As water passes through solar panels, it warms. Because sunlight heaters depend on the sun, many swimming pool owners use backup in the night and cloudy days.

Most solar pool heating systems are as follows:

Solar collector – a device for cooling water to heat by the sun
Filtration – removes waste before sending water through the collector
Pump – pumps water into the filter and reverse the water through the collector and back to the pool
Flow control valve – automatically or through the manual instrument, solar collector can lead to pool water.

Benefits of Solar Heaters

The swimming season depends on 12 months
The average temperature increases to 15-20º
No maintenance costs
No pollution, no fuel required
Usually, last for 20+ years
Easy to installation
Minimum maintenance required

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